Remembering Craterville And Lugert In The 1950’s

By Judy Bowman

These photos of Craterville Park and Lake Altus-Lugert are from the late 1950’s.

Originally located north of Cache in the Wichita Mountains, Craterville was reincarnated at Lake Lugert in the mid 1950’s, closing in the late 1960’s. I was too young to remember Craterville, but I do remember the lake in it’s heyday. In the ’70’s you could water ski from the dam all the way to the north bridge. A few pieces of the park were left at that time: horseback rides, skating, trampolines, go-carts.

Readers, share your memories with us.

One thought on “Remembering Craterville And Lugert In The 1950’s

  1. In the mid 1960’s we used to camp at Lugert frequently. My dads uncle and aunt used to run a small store there, Robert and Euda Prater. Fond memories of Lugert…


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