School Days

Here are a few old pictures and bits of information we found this week.

Education was important to the pioneers of Old Greer County. In the years surrounding early statehood transportation was primitive; thus, the need for many small community schools.

Liberty High School was located just southeast of Granite. Recently a gentleman brought in a 1930 Liberty High School Yearbook, the first we’ve ever seen. Thank You!

The following is a joke from the 1930 Liberty Bell annual “The World Laughs with You.

“I hope that you keep your cows in a pasture,” said Mrs. Newlywed as she paid the milkman.
“Yes’m,” said the milkman, “of course we keep them in a pasture,”
“I’m so glad,” gushed Mrs. Newlywed; “I have been told that pasteurized milk is much the best.”

The December 21, 1922 issue of the Mangum Star gives a bit of insight into what high school was like 100 years ago.

Liberty has entered the Perfect Attendance contest and hopes to carry away the banner offered for the school having the most perfect attendance during this school term. We are very glad to know that our average this month was ninety-five per cent. The other schools are going to have to work to win over us.

Friday afternoon, December 8th, Jay Buckle played our boys, the score being 23 to 24 in their favor.

On the evening of December 8th the high school presented their play “Prof. Pepp.” It was very successful and enjoyed by a large crowd. It was the best play ever presented at Liberty.

Elbert Truman, one of our prominent wagon drivers has resigned.

We have organized a high school orchestra, with the following instruments: two violins, one cornet, two drums and piano.

Liberty was well represented at Jay Buckle Friday afternoon. Both ball teams were over-joyed when time was up to think we had put it over them in a score of 30 to 14, in favor of Liberty girls and the boys 25 to 24, being victorious in both games.

After the games we presented our high school play, “Prof. Pepp,” which was successful, the proceeds being $11.

Friday, December 22 the City View girls and Granite girls will play on home court, we are expecting to win both games. Come root for us.

There will be a Community Christmas tree and program in high school auditorium, December 22nd. Everyone is welcome. Come kiddies and see old Santa.

We have received the literature on the state question to be debated this year. The debators are planning to win the championship this year.

Mangum Star, 21 December 1922, page 6

While on the subject of music in schools, the next picture is local newspaperman Mr. Casey Paxton, Drum Major and President of the Mangum High School Band Club!

The following pictures came from a collection given to the museum by the editor of The Mangum Star Weekly. Included were a couple of boxes of pictures and negatives from The Altus Times covering Altus schools from the 1960’s and 1970’s. They appear to be from yearbooks or newspaper articles. Most of the nearly 1000 pieces are not marked. If you know anyone in the pictures, please help us identify them. Thanks to The Mangum Star and The Altus Times for helping our communities preserve history!

This picture is titled “No More”

This picture, taken across from the Jim Click Ford dealership, is titled “Area Students”

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is altus2.jpg

This picture is labeled “Altus Christmas Parade.” The sideboard on the pickup reads “Lovers And Other Strangers.” The movie playing at the Plaza Theater, “Cotton Comes To Harlem,” was released in 1970.

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