“A Tail With A Moral”

Researched by Stephen Dock

From the 23 Nov 1916 Mangum Weekly Star

“A Tail With A Moral. By J. O. Tuton.”

“The average Greer County farmer gets up early in the morning at the alarm of a Connecticut clock, buttons his Chicago suspenders, to Nashville overalls, puts on a pair of cowhide shoes made in Ohio, washes in a Pittsburg tin wash pan, using Texas soap, dries his face on a towel made in New Hampshire, sits down to a Grand Rapids’ table, eats hot biscuits made with Wichita Kansas flour, Ft. Worth bacon, and Indiana grits, fried in Omaha lard, cooked on a St. Paul stove, buys Irish potatoes grown in Michigan and canned peaches grown in California, and fine red tomatoes, handpicked in Maryland, seasoned with Rhode Island spices and sweetened with Louisiana (or maybe Colorado) sugar, claps on his straw hat made close to  Philadelphia, puts New York harness on a Missouri mule, fed on Iowa corn, and plows his field with an Indiana plow, at night he crawls under a New Jersey blanket, bought from Sears & Roebuck, and is keep awake by a suck-egg Oklahoma hound dawg, the only home product on the farm, and wonders why he keeps poor.

MORAL:– Patronize home industry. Spend money where It will give you a market for what you grow, and thus make money and increase the value of your farm.

This is public spirit and what the wide-awake, patriotic citizens of this county believe in and are working for.”

Browse the 1918 Sears, Roebuck and Co Catalog online

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